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Summer Sun and the Young at Heart

  Summer Sun and the Young at Heart Summertime! Most everybody wants to spend time outside, enjoy the long afternoons, feel the sun on their face, and see nature in full bloom. Experts in elder care agree that that spending time in the sun can be beneficial to mood...

Eat Well and Stay Safe!

  Eat Well and Stay Safe! Let’s discuss nutrition concerns for the elderly care consumer. With romaine lettuce in the news for causing an outbreak of food-borne illness, this is a good time to focus on food preparation safety. Illness caused by contaminated or spoiled food can be dangerous...

Freedom from Your Home Care Concerns

There’s a great Medicaid program that too few people know about, that can change lives for the better. FreedomCare is New York State’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) plan...

Think You Can Avoid Getting Sick? Get Out!

No, seriously, get out. And shut the door behind you. The evidence is piling up: one of the most significant things you can do to help fight off disease is exercise.

Let’s Get Serious About the Flu

You may have heard that this is a pretty severe flu season, and chances are you’ve gotten conflicting messages from friends, family, or the news. Let’s separate myth from reality.