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Freedom from Your Home Care Concerns

Monthly Archives: April 2018


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Freedom from Your Home Care Concerns

There’s a great Medicaid program that too few people know about, that can change lives for the better. FreedomCare is New York State’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) plan that lets the patient recruit, hire, and manage for themselves the person who will provide their care. Whether it’s a family member, trusted neighbor or lifelong friend, CDPAP ensures the perfect assistant, known and familiar to the patient, will get paid by the state to provide the home care, personal care, or skilled nursing services required.

No professional credentials, certifications, or licensing is necessary for the caregiver to perform their duties, which can include skilled services including wound care, injections, and even specialized services such as suctioning tracheostomies or administrating oxygen.

CDPAP means that it isn’t necessary for the caregiver to sacrifice their own financial needs for their loved one’s security. Caregivers are paid $11 – $13/hour, depending on location. Up to 60 hours a week, including overtime at time-and-a-half may be authorized. Clocking in and out is easy, and can be done right from any phone.

Of course, being a New York State program, there are plenty of rules, regulations, and complex conditions that must be met. But that’s where Platinum HHC can help.

Platinum Home Health Care can come to you, wherever you reside. We’ll meet the patient in their residence, and help them with the process of setting up the CDPAP enrollment. So don’t let the program’s extensive requirements and qualifications scare you off. Platinum HHC has the expertise and the experience to handle the enrollment process and get you started. Patient and caregiver can both enjoy the peace of mind that the FreedomCare CDPAP can bring.

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