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Adult Day Care: You Deserve a Break!

Monthly Archives: December 2018

Adult Day Care: You Deserve a Break!

Senior man surrounded by family and nurse

Does it sometimes feel like it’s just too much to handle?

If you’re a caregiver, stress tends to creep up on you. Even if you have everything under control, most people caring for an elderly family member are also responsible for a whole spectrum of other obligations, including other family responsibilities, earning a living (keeping a job!) and the distraction of constant concern. They may be elderly themselves, or have young children who also require attention. These issues can remain mild irritants, but it’s not uncommon for them to become significant enough to cause “caregiver burnout.”


Take some time to recharge, refresh, and de-stress.

Adult day care centers can do both of you a world of good. These centers offer programs that provide a high level of care and offer safe, stimulating activities and companionship in a comfortable setting. Both the care consumer and their care providers get a break: elderly patients are dropped off to enjoy some socialization, recreation and a welcome change of scenery. Meanwhile, caregivers get precious time to work, shop, relax, look after their other family obligations, or just get away from it all and tend to their own mental health.


The benefits don’t stop there.

Adult day care can have other significant benefits. Often far less expensive than traditional nursing care in the home or in a nursing or rehab facility, the support it provides caregivers and care consumers can significantly extend the elderly patient’s independence as well as reduce or eliminate the need for round-the-clock institutional care.


Which type of program is right for you?

Adult social day care programs may offer socialization opportunities, education and recreation programs, group activities, exercise, and transportation to and from the home, stores, and other destinations. These generally perform limited health screening and health care services, and are the best choice for high-functioning, independent seniors.

For those with more significant needs, adult day health care provides a significantly higher level of health care, including intensive care, physical therapy, medical management, counseling and social services. These programs are the best choice for seniors with more serious health issues and may be an alternative to full-time nursing home care when combined with at-home care services provided by visiting nurses, HHA/PCAs, and family care.


Next Month: Adult day care is a great idea. But is it right for you? Is it ready for you?


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