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Maria Pichardo-Perez

I hope everyone is well. I want to take this opportunity to compliment the amazing and outstanding work from Ms. Ashley Pereyra the coordinator assigned to my mother’s case.

Ms. Pereyra exemplifies the true meaning of putting her patients and families first and I want to applaud her hard work. For the past week she made what was in my eyes the “impossible” possible by actuality listening to the needs of the patient to ensure safety. My mother is under palliative care, she is frail and is a risk to be left alone. Ms. Pereyra was on my mother’s case to ensure her needs were met and when she felt it needed escalation, she went above and beyond. She extended all of her efforts without exception.

I am a professional in the healthcare field in quality and everyone that I have encountered at your agency from the front line staff, Ashley and directors are professional and caring.

Ms. Pereyra was the light of my rainbow today when I was about to lose hope. She is a true example of professionalism and I wanted you to be aware of my experience with her.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Maria Pichardo-Perez